Streets of Cebu: Tempura

March 15, 2017

My good friend from California, Rannil, came over to see Cebu for the first time. Naturally, a trip to Cebu’s iconic Basilica Minore del Santo Niño was a must. We went around the complex, lit candles, said prayers, and all that.

This area is one of the busiest spots in the heart of the city (especially when there is a mass going on). With that, comes a row of food carts on the street hoping to sell you a Cebuano snack. Choose well!

On our way back, I spotted a “tempura” cart. You can call this the Filipino version of the Japanese tempura. It’s kinda like fish balls but formed like ebi tempura. It’s usually paired with some vinegar, onions, and a sweet sauce.

But, this one by the Magellan’s Cross was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. He sold fried tempura along with some free seaweed to add to your snack. I thought it’d be weird but it turned out pretty good.

Next time you’re out there, try it out!

If you go by car, it’s best to park by the Compania Maritima building by the Senior Citizen’s Park.

You can also Grab a taxi or a car and asked to be dropped off by the Magellan’s Cross.

For a scenic jeepney ride, you can take the 13C or 62B from Ayala Center Cebu. It should take you close to the area and walk from there. You’ll find exact directions in Google Maps.