Bite Me

March 25, 2017

Day out / late lunch / munchies with Nix & Miss Damn P at the Bite Me Summer on the Street food festival at Highstreet, BGC.

Tried the “dry ramen”, it was good. My only suggestion would be to serve the meat sliced instead of chopped, like how it is in ramen. That’d make it easier to eat the meat with chopsticks. Other than that, I enjoyed the Fururamen.

The saikoro beef cubes were so, so. I prefer the OG version more than the cheese one.

The winner thou was this fruit bowl served in a coconut shell! It was from a stall named Planet…something. Planet Earth? Something like that. Thanks Anjo! Good sh*t.

Capped the afternoon with a fresh pressed West Philippine Sea tshirt from Team Manila.

Salamat Nix & Miss Damn P!