Biaños Pizza

Brand Strategy

The word “Pizzaderia” is a combination of the words “pizza” and “karenderia” or a cheap diner. However, this did not convince customers to dine in the restaurant. Most of the sales came from the delivery service. Biaños needed to increase their dine-in sales and make them relevant to the new generation.

1. Relaunched as “Biaños Pizza” as the affordable quality Italian-inspired pizza for Filipinos.
2. Personified the chef on the old logo, resulting in Bianix – an Italian chef with Filipino nickname and a distinct mustache (bungot)
3. Developed a digital campaign to encourage sharing pizza photos online

Product Dev:
Product and packaging for a solo pizza sold at P50 SRP. Previously, the lowest priced item on the menu was more than P100. Targeting the budget-conscious market, we launched the item at the UNIVERCITY Festival with the #mustbethebungot digital campaign.  It generated good sales and online engagement.

Dine-in, to-go, and delivery sales increased, more Biaños Pizza stores are popping up to deliver affordable quality Italian-inspired pizza to Filipinos nationwide.

Illustrator: Bon Gimarino